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Commercial Construction Superintendent

Fletco Construction
$66,000 - $86,000 per year

Fletco Construction

Construction Field Superintendent

(Midland, TX)

Fletco Construction is seeking a Construction Field Superintendent with multifamily(apartment) experience, that is dedicated, organized, and efficient to join our team in coordinating the activities of a project to ensure cost, schedule, document control and quality standards are met. Under the direction of the Project Manager, you will assist with the project manager to coordinate and accomplish the necessary project tasks and requirements. Candidate must have an eye for detail and a go-getter personality, ready to help synchronize all the project elements and make them operate successfully.

Construction Field Superintendent Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be a voice in the strategic planning phase of upcoming projects.
  • Assist project manager in the execution of the management plan for assigned projects in all phases and aspects of the project.
  • Provide support to the Field Staff.
  • Ability to review drawings and specifications to become completely familiar with the project and identify long lead times and critical path items.
  • Prepare all project meeting agendas and associated attachments as directed by Project Manager.
  • Help coordinate and manage project from inception to completion by obtaining all necessary permits as requested by the Project Manager.
  • Review project designs and contribute ideas for cutting costs.
  • Prepare and assist with pre-construction meetings.
  • Carry out daily operational tasks in an effective and timely manner.
  • Facilitate communications between office and field staff.
  • Track and directly report project status updates to project manager.
  • Help problem solve issues and suggest ways to improve the project.
  • Organize, file, and maintain all current project documents.
  • Enter information into and manage the digital project databases.
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with necessary specifications.
  • Help manage and maintain project budget.
  • Coordinate and execute daily administrative tasks.
  • Schedule, track, and confirm deliveries to field staff.
  • Help manage and adhere to project timeline and calendar.
  • Review and code invoices checking for accuracy and compare to cost to complete forecast.
  • Schedule meetings, phone calls, site visits, etc.
  • Consult with and gather information from technicians, engineers, contractors, etc.
  • Maintain positive vendor and client relationships at the appropriate level reinforcing Companys commitment to continuously address their needs and interests. Identify client needs and address them.
  • Ensure contracts and insurance are current and received before sub-contractor performs and work. Ensure that project adheres to set schedule and is meeting goals of the client. Follow up on collection of all non-received documents and escalate any issues with the Project Manager.
  • Prepare all project logs (RFIs, submittals, PCOS) with the Project Manager. Pursue and monitor submittals and track submittals.
  • Collect all required close out documents for certification.
  • Follow the Companies Best Practices.
  • Treat internal and external clients, vendors and subs as partners balancing client and Company needs effectively.
  • Continually build own knowledge and expertise being open to new ways of doing things.
  • Manages with profitability in mind.
  • Become well versed in Companys safety program procedures and policies and consistently enforces them.

Construction Field Superintendent Requirements and Qualifications

  • BS in Construction Management or Construction Sciences with minimum 3 years experience in construction supervision preferred OR
  • GED or High School Diploma with minimum 7 years experience in construction supervision required.
  • Multifamily experience preferred
  • Knowledgeable in our specific field
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite and other management software
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Skilled collaborator
  • Excels in a high-paced work environment.
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written.
  • Ability to multi-task effectively
  • Focused and supportive to management always.
  • Self-starter who works well independently
  • Adaptable and calm under pressure
  • Expert problem solver
Job type
Full Time
Additional benefits
  • Medical
  • PTO